March 2016 (Solo Exhibition)

Percolator Gallery

134 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane

Percolator Gallery Invitation


Trevisan International Art Festival

Bologna, Italy

The Illusion of Reality

“I want my paintings to tell a story” she says. “I think of my paintings as having a conversation with myself”. She wants to build an image that the viewers can relate to. Painting each image with brush strokes coming together to suggest forms such as the wine bottles and glasses is her way of achieving this. The need for a dynamic sense of movement in her paintings is important and her goal is to awaken and bring up emotions, provoking a reaction from the viewer.

Glenis Dobe likes to paint subjects from everyday life – in this set of images, the enjoyment has been derived from a gala evening with a glass or two of rich local wines with hints of a celebration or party. The use of colour is central to the effect of these images. By giving each image a quirky originality, the viewer can form his or her own interpretation of them.

Her aim is to keep a harmonious balance amidst the slight chaos in these creations. These images display a mixture of control and explosive energy which are as captivating as they are noticeable. She would like to entice the viewers senses to explore beyond what their eyes tell them. The colours, transparency and layering all come into play to create an exciting visual experience.

Extract from the publication Trevisan International Art Festival, The Illusion of Reality


Agora Gallery

New York

Agora Gallery