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Following in my father's footsteps I have found art of all kinds to be very exciting.

Photo colouring for several photographic studios was my first artistic experience and this has proven to be very useful in my current painting career.

Pottery became my next focus. I clearly remember my introduction to this art form! My friend invited me to go to a pottery class with her and my reaction was one of sheer horror! I could not imagine playing in mud but play I did - for more than 20 years! Sculpturing was my favourite as this allowed my artistic imagination to run free. I taught pottery for several years and this was a special time for me as I am a 'people's person'. Working with other artistically-minded people was very stimulating and as it should be, fun.

Now my main interest is painting. I find acrylics great to work with as they dry quickly and my nature is 'I want everything done yesterday!' When I am in a serious mood I paint my marines which require a lot of detail and I like to be very meticulous with them. Acrylics enable me to capture the really rich colours needed for the life on the reef. If on the other hand I am in a frivolous mood, I paint abstracts or modern styles. When painting portraits I use pastels (especially for children) as they have a lovely soft finish.

I am self-taught and have spent many hours learning and absorbing. What a great pastime it has been! I hope you get as much pleasure looking at my paintings as I have had painting them.